Nike Dunk SB Low Medicom 2

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The follow-up to the successful first edition took a sharp and familiar design shift, and was only available through Medicom’s website—a relatively unique channel for the early-aughts. In a nod to Reese Forbes’ denim dunk, the Medicom 2 went with a contrasting black denim with a cleaner selvedge, and each pair were packaged in a Babekub City bag with a letter of provenance.


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The Nike SB Dunk Low Black Denim, also known as the Nike Dunk SB Low – Pro SB Medicom 2, is made entirely of black and grey denim. Nike and Babekubcity collaborated on this design. The Medicom Series’ second edition is now available. These were only available to Medicom subscribers and were only available on the Medicom website.
Nike Dunk SB Low Medicom 2

To qualify for the shoes, you had to be a member for at least 6 months to a year, as well as have a Japanese credit card and nationality. These include the thick tongue, no yellow stitching, the Babekub City Japan emblem within the sole, and the tote bag that came with them, unlike the other black/grey denim GR’s that just came out. They also include a second set of laces.

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The History of the Nike Dunk and Nike SB Dunk | HYPEBAE

The Dunk’s history is not linear, instead branching out into several smaller stories. This has made its tale incredibly rich. A large puzzle piece in its unusual evolution is the partitioning of the Nike Dunk and the Nike SB Dunk lines, two different trainers for two varying lifestyles. To the casual wearer, the small tweaks to the SB’s design meant very little.

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Nike Dunk SB Low Medicom 2
The Nike Dunk SB Low – Pro SB Medicom 2, also know as the Nike SB Dunk Low Black Denim features an all black/grey denim.
  • Many skaters praised the Nike SB Dunk Low's excellent board feel.
  • It doesn't take much force to flick the board with an SB Dunk Low, according to many skaters, especially in the first month of skating with it.
  • According to reviews, the shoe's generously stuffed tongue, padded collar, and cushioned insole provide excellent comfort.
  • The Nike SB Dunk Low isn't particularly gripping, despite its deep grooves in the sole.
  • After two months, the outsole began to deteriorate, leaving less grip for flip tricks.

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Nike Dunk SB Low Medicom 2
Nike Dunk SB Low Medicom 2


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