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The Vans Primary Check Old Skool is the first to bare the iconic side stripe, low top lace-up featuring solidly built canvas and suede uppers with the iconic Vans checkerboard print. The shoes are available in various colourways, including black and white; red and white; black and true white; blue topaz and blue; and sleek white and black. All these variations offer the opportunity to easily mix and match the low-top Vans Primary Check Old Skool with a whole bunch of outfits.

The Vans Primary Check Old Skool features a lace-up system that allows the wearer to customize the shoes ‘ fit to their preferences. The design of the shoes, the detailing of the checker print, gives the low tops the spunk and personality which distinguishes them from other Vans shoes. The Vans Primary Check Old Skool has on the heel the Vans logo and a strengthened toecap to withstand repeated wear and tear with padded collars on the shoes providing better support and flexibility.

It’s stylish and simple at a retail price of $60, but it has the classic silhouette loved by many loyal Vans fans. It is comfortable enough to be worn in various activities every day. But the sneaker has its downside as well. Complaints about the bleeding of colour in the white fabric when wet and too long laces are raised. However, people still go back to buying this classic sneaker just because they love it.

Vans Primary Check Old Skool
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Price: $60

Primary Check Old Skool

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